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We build products that fulfill your needs. We manufacture dies and moulds according to your requirements and specifications. Our designers create custom 3D CAD models according to the specifications while our engineers will help you choose the right mould material for your use case.
Customers will receive timely updates with a complete history card of the mould in the process with a detailed report. Our engineers will also suggest better integrated mould design for better and efficient production at your facility. We also provide mould polishing, plating and maintenance services as per your requirement.
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In house 3D modelling

At Apex Dies and Moulds we have expert designers who make your requirements and specifications come to life by 3D modelling the moulds before manufacturing, so as you get an exact idea of the product you will be receiving.

Mould Maintenance

Mould maintenance is a critical aspect of a successful long-term moulding program. The condition of the mould affects the quality of the components produced. Performing necessary preventative maintenance of the mould improves tool longevity and part quality.

Mould Polishing / Plating

Polishing or plating your moulds improves its life and increases the quality of products. At Apex we provide the best plating and polishing solutions for your requirements from stone, paper to mirror finishes. 

Reverse Engineering

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the designs or models for a specific part you want to get a mould for, we create moulds even from existing parts by reverse engineering and re-modelling them.

Flash / Groove Sharpening

In Casting process for casting accuracy, grooves sharpening is necessary so that excess of casting material can escape from mould.

Engraving / Calendering

Keeping details of every product is an important task, therefore we at Apex provide Engraving services on your products to that important details such as Batch no. or the date of manufacturing can be engraved on the product itself.

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